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Campers and Staff

Track Campers and Staff, Cabins, Bunks, and Groups. Even add custom fields to the database for unique information, such as unique skills or tracking any disabilities. Easily copy and paste camper information from a spreadsheet or enter it yourself.


Easily copy and paste your existing activities. Add custom fields for grouping and sorting purposes. Set desired minimum and maximum capacity, as well as ideal capacity for each activity. Optionally require campers to have skills or pre-requisites in order to participate in an activity.

Sessions and Periods

Custom scheduling allows any combination of Sessions and Periods to match your current schedule. Allow A/B scheduling, and schedule individual campers or groups at the same time. Offer longer activities (Golf, Horseback Riding, etc.) to cover 2 or more periods.

Encourage Electives

Offer campers their choice of activities. Easily capture and analyze camper requests. Based on the requests, determine which activities to offer for each session or period. Ensure that campers receive their top picks, and also see campers who got their *last* pick, and see if you can override your rules to get them a better schedule. Easily show campers who are NOT scheduled during a period (because the activities they picked happened to be only scheduled at the same time).

Automatic Scheduling

Schedule (or unschedule) groups based on custom filters. Automatically schedule campers based on their requests, ensuring they get the absolute best schedule based on capacity and "collision avoidance", i.e., the system avoids scheduling a camper into a common/popular activity that is available many periods (such as Tennis) at the same time as their later choice which only has ONE scheduled instance (such as Chess). Manually override capacity or skill controls when needed. Check for campers with missing periods and see available activities for each period.

Amazing Reporting

Easily print out camper schedules individually or as a group. Include custom notes and graphics. Print out master schedules by camper, rosters by activity, even group by activity area or other custom fields. Create a camp-wide master schedule by session or period, showing every camper's location at a glance. Create end-of-summer camper 'report cards' showing their activities for the summer.

100% Reliable - No Internet Req'd

Got bad WiFi? Great! Camp Scheduling Pro is a desktop installed software, making it 100% reliable when you need it most. While program updates are downloaded via the internet, the actual software is installed on your laptop or desktop. This also makes the system extremely fast and user friendly- there are NEVER frustrating delays or time-outs!

Awesome Implementation and Support

Get started on the right foot with one-on-one implementation to set up your first schedule. Call, email, or text for "Rock Star" support responses in minutes!!! Optional 24/7 hour support available.
Camp Scheduling Pro is the Answer!

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